Playlist Audio Using Javascript with Fallback to Flash

These audio players will work in all modern browsers with flash fallback for antiquated browsers such as IE 7 & 8. They are suitable for playback on mobile devices when made responsive or if their width is set to less than about 300px.

All these audio players will turn off the previous track as the next is selected. Apart from the Button Player, they will all play through the tracks in sequence if left unattended.

Go to the DESIGN SERVICE page for more info about the player package contents.

audio playlist 2

Multiple players can be placed on a web page or used in accordian panels to showcase different genres of music.

Click any image to get to the demo page.

AudioJS Player

AudioJS player with fallback to flash and a control bar.

audio playlist 1

Sound Boss Player

Playlist - click track title to start/stop

sound boss player

AudioJS Alternative

AudioJS player with background image and Stop button.

audio playlist 2

Button Player

Multi colored button player - start/stop.

audio button player

Table style playlist player with BUY buttons and space for extra info...

Table Player